Media Composer Version History

Because supporting multiple versions of Media Composer… a page to keep track of changes between Media Composer versions with a quick Ctrl+F.

2019 Documentation. Bug Fixes.

2018 Documentation. Bug Fixes.


  • Support for TIFF files in Live Link
  • RDD9 and ARD/ZDF Compliance


  • New UI including paneled or floating options and drop zones. Workspace Toolbar, Bin Containers, Removal of ‘Project Window’ and Timeline Smart Tool options. Inspector Tool.
  • MXF OP1A Media Creation and Video Mixdown Support. AvidMediaFiles are created under UME folder path.
  • OpenEXR Link Support.
  • IMF Package Export Support.
  • DNxHR Uncompressed 32 Bit Floating Point Quality HD and greater resolutions and timeline support.
  • ACES Workflows.
  • Dynamic Relink across frame rates.
  • The Avid Media Process Export As option in the AMA File Export dialog has been changed to MXF OP1a


  • Simplified Installer
  • Open I/O NDI Optional


  • XAVC HD Intra CBG Class 100 resolution for 1080p 59.94 formats
  • Various Bug Fixes over previous releases.


  • Pro Tools 10/12 Compatibility Fix for AAF exports.
  • Updates to Avid Titler including animating/keyframe up to 10 layers.
  • New DNX Uncompressed Format – S2.14.
  • MultiGroups option for MultiCam clips.


  • Avid Link replaces Application Manager.
  • Effects/Titler applied to the timeline now only apply between IN/OUT points if set.
  • Updates to Avid Titler including assigning gradients.


  • Background Bin Auto-Save.
  • Avid Titler (new high res Title Tool).
  • Multicam (group clip) improvements including, edit, remove, trim and update clips in groups without having to make a new group. Create groups with mixed frame-rates, create multigroup from a sequence, change the reference audio track. Cycle through all cameras using swap bank button.
  • Shape-based Color Correction with tracking (Symphony Option)
  • Support up to 64 tracks of video (Previously 24).
  • Syncing using audio Waveforms.
  • DNxUncompressed 12 Bit.
  • Media File Path in Bin Column for precomputes/media file objects.
  • Display frame at blue position bar during Segment Drag
  • Fixes for a number of issues related to QuickTime files.
  • Change Source Audio Track in the Timeline.
  • Create New Bin or Script directly into project folder.
  • macOS 10.14.2 Support.


  • Further 8 bit and 10 bit DNxUncompressed are supported.
  • Show Four-Frame Display is no longer on by default.


  • Additional AVC-LongG formats are supported.
  • BT.2100 color conversions between PQ 2020 and HLG 2020 are made according to BT.2390 specifications.
  • macOS 10.14 Support.
  • Additional Colour Spaces for Progressive Projects.


  • Live Timeline Additions (Audio Mixer, Markers).
  • Support Avid DNxID Device.
  • AMA File Export change for Insert Edit Export.
  • Faster DPX Export.
  • DNxUncompressed Support.
  • 12 Video Stream limit removed (Default 12).
  • Graphics White Level in Hybrid Log Gamma.


  • Avid Artist DNxIP Support.
  • Correlation Tracker Enhanced.
  • Automatic HDR Conversions for SDR Media.
  • HDR to 709 3D Luts.
  • Expanded OP1a MXF export support.
  • Changes to Avid Media Processor Export.
  • Option to launch as Media Composer First.


  • Support for transmitting NDI streams directly from the application.
  • Live Timeline.
  • 16k Project Presets.
  • Additional Export to File Options (AMA File Export).
  • High Frame Rate Projects (100, 119.88, 120).
  • The editing application allows you to perform a file-based insert edit to an already exported DNxHD sequence in a 1080i/59.94 project.
  • Export OP1a MXF file as XDCAM OP1a Media.
  • Preview Growing Sequences and Clips Exporting to DNxHR or DNxHD.
  • Edit a BXF sequence and then export it with related essence files.
  • Resizable Composer Window.
  • Thin Raster Support with Open I/O Hardware.
  • Full frame stereoscopic is supported with Avid Artist DNxIQ.
  • No longer need to activate AC3 separately after adding a AVCHD Clip.
  • 2018.6 was skipped.


  • You can edit allowable fields in the Get Info Window.
  • Hybrid Log Gamma Color Transformation.
  • You can change the track in the Marker window.


  • Media Composer changes to First/Standard/Ultimate
  • iXML Metadata When Creating WAV Media
  • General Updates to the Marker Window
  • Run Length Encoding for Alpha Import
  • Performing an Insert Edit to an Exported Sequence
  • Color Adapters Listed in the Effect Editor
  • New Script Lock Icons
  • Adjusting Font and Font Size in the Timeline Clip Notes Window
  • Setting Pre-roll for ScriptSync and PhraseFind
  • Customizing Timeline Views
  • Timeline Clip Notes with Quick Find and Frame Display


  • Splash/Loading on Main Monitor
  • Shift Select Tracks in Capture/Digital Cut Tools
  • Capture 1080p/50 XAVC-Long Gop


  • Color Correction updates while scrubbing/playing.
  • Quick Access to Grid Settings in Effect Editor
  • PlugIn Names on Splash Screen.
  • Font settings in Find Window
  • Artist Control Improvements


  • Audio Wav Export per Track
  • New Year, Month Versioning
  • Map Quick Find Button to Keyboard Shortcut


  • Export OP1a MXF file as Panasonic AVC Long-GOP (H.264)
  • Audio Mixer Improvements/Ganging
  • 8K Presets
  • REC2020 (HLG) BT.2100 and REC2020 (SMPTE 2084) Color Spaces
  • New Interplay Bin Lock Colours (Yellow Modifications Added, lock modified)
  • Fast Import of XAVC-I
  • Syncing Based on Waveform Analysis


  • Go to Next/Previous Event Icon Change. (Rename of FF/Rew)
  • Support for HiRes Monitors with Mismatched Scaling
  • Search for Items in Timeline (Ctrl+F)
  • Map Segment Preview Button
  • Map Bin Fast Menu Commands to Keyboard
  • Appending All Markers to EDLs, Cut Lists, and Change Lists
  • Previewing In-Progress Sequences and Clips While Exporting from Another Workstation
  • Video Data Rate Column Heading
  • Interplay Window now Media Management Window


  • Quicktime Export with Multiple Discrete Audio Tracks
  • Avid Generic Plugin supports AAC format
  • Support for Sony XAVC-L 1080p 50
  • Audio Slip in Source Settings sub-frame
  • Source Browse Collapse/Expand
  • Larger Thumbnails in Source Browser
  • Source/Record Colors
  • Automatically open on apply of Effect
  • Pre-clip and post-clip playback in color correction
  • Dual Split mode remains active during playback and Scopes update as you change color parameters.
  • Position Bar Snap.  An additional option has been added to the Timeline Settings
  • Audio Mixer is Thinner
  • Support HiRes Monitors
  • Generate LTC on Playback
  • Remote Client Offset – video frames, blue bar and audio meters
  • Width/height in Action Safe titling
  • Updates to Color adaptor and FrameFlex Icons


  • Timeline Clip Notes
  • Frame Cache for Effects Editing
  • Phrase Find
  • ScriptSync
  • Bin Sharing on Non Avid Storage
  • Change to Find Window
  • Change to the Script Window


  • Title Match Frame
  • Bin Enhancements
  • Clip Info
  • Audio Dupe Detect
  • List Tool Changes
  • Extended Audio Punch In
  • Sony XAVC LongG
  • New Safe Area Presets
  • Rotation Presets in FrameFlex
  • Renamed Arib B67 colorspace to Hybrid Log Gamma
  • Control which track is shown in Split view
  • Timecode Burn In Effect Local Frame Count
  • Audio Default Pan


  • Audio Grouping
  • SMPTE Channel Order option
  • RED Plugin improved performance
  • Default Pan for Mono Tracks
  • Export with Mask Margins
  • FrameFlex image Interpolation render Settings
  • Source Browser
  • Audio Ducking
  • AVC-LongG Support
  • New Select Menu on the Timeline
  • Audio Track Names in the Audio Tool
  • Nest AudioSuite Effects


  • Menu Ordered and Simplified.. Input, Output etc
  • Drag to add video track
  • Changes to Linking Media
  • Live Timeline Dragging
  • Trimming with Sync Locks On
  • Custom/Multiple Bin Column options simplified
  • Quickly jump to a setting with the first letter
  • 64 audio track support
  • Save Generated Frames of the current sequence into memory cache
  • FrameFlex rotation
  • Manage Preset Project Formats
  • High Frame Rate Support
  • Effect Palette Update
  • Custom Background for Timeline/Project Window
  • Override Font for Project/Bin
  • Group Clips by audio wave analysis
  • Timecode Burn In effect updates for frame count
  • Copy Paste Frame Numbers in a Bin Column
  • Linking/Importing Broadcast WAV files updated to ensure the beginning of the clip is not cut off
  • Audio Track order terminology changed to support ProTools directly
  • Identify rendered Effects
  • Ancillary Data SCC Import Support


  • Custom Project Frame Size
  • XAVC-I Native Support
  • Apple ProRes 2k/4k/UHD Native Support
  • Remove Color Adaptor from sequences before send to color correction
  • Manage default settings for linked media
  • Viewer Mask Options – Mix to Black
  • Preview Color Correction in Monitors and Timeline
  • Timeline Quick find with text
  • Background Render, Background Transcode and Dynamic Media Folders supported with Media Composer | Cloud
  • You can resize a single monitor to a larger size than in previous releases
  • AMA now referenced as Link
  • Refresh Sequence All in command palette
  • This release includes Alpha support for QuickTime-wrapped DNxHR media.
  • In previous releases, you could transcode with the media‚Äôs original frame rate only when working with greater than HD projects. With this release, it now also applies to SD and HD projects.
  • You can now delete metadata files associated with linked master clips.
  • Additional options have been added to the Audio Mixer tool that tell the editing application the number and position of speakers connected to your workstation